Sterling Silver Earrings

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By Derek Moellinger, President of AccessoryRow
January 8, 2014

CZ Eternity Hoop Earrings in Sterling SilverEarrings have long been admired by those who have seen them and coveted by those who own them. Earrings come in many styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. They can have gemstones or be just the metal with no stones. Even the type of metal from which the earrings are made differs. Most of these are simply based on personal choice. One choice does stand out as the front-runner though. When it comes to earrings, sterling silver earrings are hugely popular.

925 sterling silver earrings are a beautiful, long-lasting, durable piece of jewelry to add to any collection. 925 sterling silver earrings are made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals like copper or nickel. The combination of the metals creates what is called an alloy. This alloy is stronger than the original silver, making sterling silver earrings a great choice.

Silver is a soft metal, which is not a good trait for jewelry. Jewelry needs to withstand some wear and is usually expected to last at minimum, a very long time, if not a lifetime. Adding a small percentage of other metals to the silver is just enough to maintain the look and beneficial qualities of silver while also adding durability. A pair of 925 sterling silver earrings will last a lifetime with minimal care. Just soap and water is enough to clean sterling silver earrings.

To add even more benefits to sterling silver earrings, rhodium can be plated over the top of the silver. Rhodium is part of the platinum family. It is a white metal, meaning it has a highly reflective, silvery sheen. Sterling silver earrings without rhodium plating would have a dull look and be susceptible to corrosion. Applying a very thin layer of rhodium to a pair of sterling silver earrings adds increased durability and a bright, reflective glow that is expected of any high quality jewelry.

A piece of pure silver is often associated with tarnish, malleability, and a dull reflective state. This is because pure silver alone is not fit for making jewelry. The silver must have a small percentage of other metals added to it to create 925 sterling silver earrings. Plating them with rhodium is also a necessity. The combination of these two additions to silver take a semi-precious metal and turn it into something perfect. A pair of sterling silver earrings can be adorned with cubic zirconia stones to add a little more flair to the item or they can be very basic with no cz stones. Whatever the occasion, sterling silver earrings are a great accessory, so accessorize in style with a pair of sterling silver earrings.

Evolution of Search with Google

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By Derek Moellinger

December 20, 2013

The way Google chooses to rank a page based on its perceived relevance of a specific keyword or phrase has changed over the years.  Every so often Google changes the rules of the game and those companies who once ranked well, suddenly disappear into a place far off from the coveted first page placement for search results for specific keywords and phrases.  2013 has been just such a year.

At one time, keywords in the meta keywords were thought to be the answer to a high ranking page.  Then, meta keywords were thrown to the side by Google and the meta description became a more worthy exploit for spending cherished time in the SEO pursuit.  Stocking website pages with keywords appropriate to the company products was paramount.  Companies selling products littered their pages with the same few keywords over and over, making, at best, an annoying read, but the search engines saw this company page as extremely relevant for the words displayed in multitude.  Basically, Google saw the word ‘sterling silver’ 29 times on a page and assumed that company must sell sterling silver and because they had that word displayed so many times the company must surely be more relevant than other companies who displayed the same word only 10 times.

Looking back, common sense can quickly relay that any company attempting to create the perception of relevance only needs to pack a page with relevant words.  However, writing relevant words is no real marker for relevance in an industry.

Google figured this out and “suggested” that companies become more relevant to rank well.  Companies needed to actually write articles about their niche.  The important material within the articles had links back to the company website.  This link is known as a backlink.  Backlinks were important.  Google looked at a company with a great number of backlinks and assumed the company must have relevance if so many other sites have linked back to it.  However, these backlinks in no way showed relevance.  A company only had to write articles and post them on article sites, generating a backlink.

This year Google realized the previous system is easily manipulated, so changes have been made.  Now, real relevance is needed.  Companies still write articles and post them, but many sites no longer give a link back.  Now, material is posted and if it is good enough, others who read it may copy it or link to it or share it.  In doing so, a link back to the company can be made, but more important is that the information had to be good enough to share for any progress to be made.  Instead of just flooding the internet with useless babble in order to gain that precious link, real content must be posted that real humans, not just search engine robots, want to read.

Christie’s to Auction Golconda Diamond

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Golconda Diamond

Golconda Diamond

By Derek Moellinger, President of AccessoryRow
November 22, 2013

Christie’s of New York is holding its Magnificent Jewels sale on December 10, 2013.  The auction is expected to bring in around $45 million for its 500 pieces in the auction.  The star of this auction is a 52.58 carat, D-color, internally flawless Golconda Diamond.  The diamond is said to possess a distinct brilliance, and superior luminance and luster.  The stone has an octagonal cut, giving it a long rectangular shape.

One of this diamond’s predecessors was sold not long ago at Christie’s, setting a record for the amount of money spent at auction on any Golconda Diamond at 16.9 million Euros.  It was not just a world record for the total amount, but also for the amount per carat.  The gem was named after its first know owner, the Archduke Joseph from Austria.  The buyer, who remained anonymous, bought the stone from Black, Starr, and Frost and it weighed in at 76 carats with a Cushion Cut, completely internally flawless and colorless.

Golconda, which means shepherd’s hills when spelled Golla Konda, is situated in India.  It is home to the world famous Golconda Diamond Mines, which are known to produce some of the world’s rarest diamonds with the highest degree of transparency.  The mine’s fame in name alone might not ring any bells with those outside the jewelry world, but some of the rare gems that were wrenched from the ground there are quite well know.  This is the original resting place of what would become the Hope Diamond.  The Regent Diamond and Koh-i-noor also come from this very same location.

With such a storied history of producing flawless diamonds, this mine seems to have thrown out yet another perfect gem in the Golconda Diamond, which is expected to bring between $9.5 and $12.5 million dollars at auction in a couple weeks.  This is by no means a record sale, falling around $5 or $6 million short of its brother, but this is a rare chance for collectors to own a perfect stone of this size and cut.

The sale is sure to bring a great deal of attention from jewelry enthusiasts around the world.  The diamond is definitely impressive.  Even against the 500 other pieces of jewelry set to be auctioned the same day the Golconda Diamond is sure to be the headliner and the big storyline at the end of the auction.


Orange Diamond

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orange diamond ringOrange Diamonds
By Derek Moellinger of AccessoryRow
November 18, 2013
Have you ever heard of an orange diamond?  They do occur.  We have seen blue diamonds and yellow diamonds and I have even seen chocolate diamonds, but I can’t say an orange diamond stands out in my mind as something I would find at a jewelry store.  Nevertheless, they do exist and one recently just sold for an astonishing $35,540,612, for 14.32 carats.  If you are trying to do the math I can help.  That is about 2.4 million per carat.  This is actually a world record, not just for the amount of money paid per carat for the stone, but also for the highest price paid for any orange diamond at auction.  Quite an amazing feat for a stone most people didn’t even know existed.

So where does an orange diamond come from?  A colored diamond, surprisingly, is actually caused from impurities bonding to the carbon lattice that makes up the diamond.  Diamonds are formed in the earth when heat and pressure are applied to carbon.  During this process, some impurities can enter into the carbon.  In other words, a colored diamond is impure.  However, buyers of these stones love the different hues given off in these so-called “impure” stones.

An orange diamond is created in nature when nitrogen bonds to the carbon lattice of the diamond in creation.  This can give anywhere from a yellow to brown color, with orange being somewhere in the middle.  Not all stones are evenly colored.  They can be blotchy or fade.  The rarity of this natural occurrence is why an evenly colored stone is so cherished.

Some people have chosen to forego, not only the exorbitant price of these precious stones, but also to opt for perfection with regard to clarity.  A cubic zirconia stone, or cz can be made in any color and it is nearly undetectable in difference without a loupe.  On the positive side for cz is that the detection does not come from flaws in the stone.  It comes from the stone being so perfect that most naturally occurring diamonds have no such feature. The cubic zirconia is clearer and the color is perfectly even throughout the stone.

Many people have recognized the brilliance of these stones and have opted to add them to their jewelry collections.  Wearing cubic zirconia stones is safe, less expensive, and the stone is perfect.  Try a few for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.

Justin Bieber Racing in Neighborhood

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justin bieber racing through neighborhood bieber ferrari justin biebers ferrari






Apparently Justin Bieber has been racing so fast in his neighborhood his neighbors are pissed. One of Justin’s neighbors confronted him after learning that he was driving over 100mph before 9AM. The man’s wife was apparently walking their dog while Justin was speeding through the neighborhood. The man also told sources, he wasn’t mad at the huge parties that Justin has had, but he was upset over the speeding. He said that it was over spring break, and there were a lot of children playing around the neighborhood. The man, who is 5’7” and 135 lbs, confronted the ‘Biebs’ and that’s where the assault charge stemmed from.

This isn’t Justin’s first run-in over his driving. Shortly after he was seen running a red light in Calabasas, where he has a home. He has multiple speeding tickets, and multiple car wrecks. He owns Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, and Range Rovers. Must be nice.


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Demi Lovato Seen Wearing A Cocktail Ring

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